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July 13, 2011
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A Nightmareish Duo by Yamino A Nightmareish Duo by Yamino
I'm not the only one who thinks this would be the match-up of the century, right? Who better to rival Celestia and Twilight than their nemeses combined?

Wallpaper sized for your convenience.
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Critique by wasd999 Jul 13, 2011, 9:47:25 PM

The duo of epic proportions joined forces in
taking over Equestria! Wahahahaha!!!

Twilight better be running off now from Trixie...
"My precious Twilight...Tee~hee!"

*Ehem*, so I was saying.
I first noticed Trixie in this composition, although
Queen Lu... Oops! Princess Luna was supposedly
the center of attention, Trixie stole the lime light
with her unique blend of black and yellow colors.

And lets not forget the hair, the background served
as the launching platform to contrast that hair!

And now to Queen Lu... PRINCESS Luna!

She has a sexier flank, hehe! And her signature
eyes are what makes her alluringly attractive.
*double emphasis*

Her hair, although most would dismiss the importance
of hair behavior and just wave their pencils everywhere...

You, have meticulously adjusted the position where
it shows its immensity and mystery. Thumbs up!

And the anatomy is spot on! Having two ponies
stand by each other is a challenge to some, and
I believe you first drew Trixie or Luna, vice versa!

And the whole art piece? I'd like to bid $99 on it please!

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Now my laptop background!
NodoubtbuodoN Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
With Luna free of her Nightmare Moon form, a similar match-up I can picture in place of this is Trixie and Queen Chrysalis. After all, the two of them have the same voice actress.

Perhaps Chrysalis can feed off of Trixie's love for herself?
I can't get over how completely awesome Trixie's hat and cape are.
Pfff, they probably can't even stand each other...
Oddly enough, I had the same idea with my MLP:FiM/Sailor Moon mash-up fanfic where Nightmare Moon take in Trixie as her subordinate and student to use against the Mane Six. So yeah, you ain't the only one.
KeyoshiStorm Mar 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
lol, perfect match!
I could just hear them bickering like starscream and megatron:

Trixie- Pipsqueak this, Pipsqueak that! all I ever hear about is how great Pipsqueak is!!

NMM-Pipsqueak is an ideal soldier, he's both humble and respectful..

Trixie-Pipsqueak has much to be humble about..who could respect a leader who cannot so much as defeat The mane 6!!!

NMM- You'll never understand Trixie, you lack the ability to see your own faults!
Dear Hasbro,
Make this canon!
this was my bg for a while , love this so much , they both look so confident ^^ .....
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